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Grade 6 teachers.

Dronacharya, Karna, Bakasura

Hari Om!
We started our class by saying OM three times. We then said our daily prayers and created peaceful environment for starting our class. First off, we reviewed last class’s lesson, and started with a story.
We heard the ‘Well Story’ where the Kauravas and Pandavas lose their favorite ball. They tried getting it out by putting a stone in the well, and doing other things, with no avail. They couldn’t get the ball out! But then, a mysterious man came and said that he could take the ball out. He wanted a favor inreturn though. He took a blade of grass and pierced it into the ball. The man then took more grass andmade a rope out of them. He got the ball out with that rope. Meanwhile, the mysterious man put hisring inside the well too. He shot it with an arrow so well, that the arrow got the ring and took it out too.
Bheeshma, who was with the princes was amazed, and asked the man to teach the princes. We then talked about the flashback that the man had.
The man was actually Dronacharya, the son of Sage Bharadwaja. He married Kripacharya’s sister, and their child was Ashwatthaama. Dronacharya and the soon-to-be-king of Panchala (Drupada),were such good friends that Drupada, agreed to give Dronacharya half of his kingdom when he became king. Years down the lane, Dronacharya became really poor. Then he remembered what his friend hadtold him years ago. He went to the king of Panchala and asked for half the kingdom. The king said noand disgraced him. Dronacharya then went to Hastinapur looking for work and saw these princes. We also listened to the story of Ekalavya.
We also learnt that when you look at a target, you should be extremely focused. You should only keep your eye on the goal. We learnt this through the story of the bird.
Dronacharya once called all the princes for a test. He pointed to something and asked, “What do you see?” Everyone talked about the surroundings of the where Drona pointed, except for Arjuna. He said he saw a bird’s head. That’s how we learnt that moral.
The second to last thing we talked about was when Kunti recognizes Karna and faints. She then talks to him privately and tells him to join the Pandavas. Karna was already indebted to Duryodhana because he earned Karna a good status, so he made up his mind and told his real mom that he is with the Kauravas.
The last thing we talked about was Lakshagruha, the wax palace. We listened about the wisdom of Vidura and the evil plan of Duryodhana (Tried to kill the Pandavas). The Pandavas escaped and defeated Bhakasura, and continued on their journey.
To end our class, we meditated, and some of us felt sleepy, which was good because your mind was getting calmer.
CORD Walkathon – October 28th
Our teachers told us not to forget about the CORD Walkathon, and that everyone
should  register. If you have not registered, please REGISTER!
A separate email was sent out to the 6th grade parents about instructions for CORD registration and the walkathon last week. Please contact the teachers if you have any questions.
GITA Chanting – 13th Chapter
We also started off with the 13th chapter of Bhagavad Gita. Below is the link to practice:
The 6th graders are required to learn 25 shlokas for the Gita Chanting Competition.
We did our ending prayers, and couldn’t WAIT for next class.

Hari Om,

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