Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.

All Aboard The CORD Express

HARI OM!                  Section 1 and 2                                          October 28, 2012

After registering for the CORD walkathon and collecting our T-Shirts, the sixth grade class met at the assigned location of the Mercer County Park. We warmed up with a few stretches. It happened to be a rather chilly autumn morning before the walkathon. We chatted as the kids were joining in and we took a nice class picture. 

The class chanted a brief set of opening prayersThen, we played a MAHABHARATA quiz game which was quite fun, actually. We divided up into two teams, the Pandavas:) and the Kauravas:(.  Team Pandavas had 5 kids and Team Kauravas had the rest(BTW, that was kind of Unfair. I was kind of living in the Pandava shoes). The teachers took turns asking questions like: Who was Amba reborn as and who was her father? How many days did the War last ? etc.,  The quiz ended in a tie. 

After that we dispersed for the walk to support our friends in rural India.  The weather got slightly warmer during the walk. After we had a nice walk admiring the colorful fall foliagaround the park with friends, we came back and had delicious samosas, sandwiches, Vadapav, BananasParle glucose biscuits, chips, and mango juice. 

The temperature suddenly dropped about one septillion degrees Fahrenheit: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees! That is how it felt. We then rushed home, staying clear of our new guest, Sandy:) and I hope everyone stays safe.


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