Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.

Sept 15th Class

Hari om!

Welcome to the first day of balavihar.  The curriculum for our 6th graders is - mahaabhaarata.

We started the class with a prayer to Lord gaNesha, the remover of all hurdles, to bless us so that we will have a very productive, fun and growing year ahead of us.

After a brief introduction of the aunties and uncle working with the 6th graders, we had a brainstorming session regarding bhagavadgeeta.  We spoke about the contest we will have sometime in apr/may.  But for that, we need to start learning the verses from day 1, of course!  We briefly discussed about the chapter we will be learning, that is, the gist of chapter 14 - guNa-traya-vibhaaga yoga.  Then we went on to learn the first 2 verses.  Our class is required to learn 25 verses.  But our awesome class has decided to learn the entire chapter, that is 27 verses in all!  We are also planning to win the class with most registrations award as well!!  Keep up the spirit guys!

We discussed the events that to lead to the story of mahaabhaarata and the values in the epic - How exactly is it relevant to us today!  What part of the story can we relate to ourselves, etc. We also learnt who the author and scribe are for the epic, what their significance is, etc.

Before ending our first and brief class at balavihar, we split the classes into 2 sections, based on their selection of the chit - kRuShNa/arjuna.

We will meet in our respective classes from next week onwards and learn the stories in detail.  Until then, have a nice week everyone!

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