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Grade 6 teachers.

Nov 17th Class

Beginning prayers
Gitaa chanting
  • bhagavadgItaa 14th adhyaaya 1 - 11 shlokas
Story time
  • story of the day
Ending prayers and pledge
  • sarve bhavantu sukhinaH, pUrNamadaH pUrNamidam
  • aarati and pledge 
Rashmi aunty and Sitaram uncle's class:

In the morning we did our daily prayers then we did geeta chanting. We also learned verse 11 which was pretty hard to pronounce in the beginning then later on we got better at it.
     Continuing the story of Mahabharata, Arjuna went back to Indra's palace to tell Indra that he got paasupathaastra. The Gandharva-s were also there. One Gandharva was named Chitrasena, he taught dance to Arjuna. They became good friends.
      Returning to the forest Arjuna showed his new powers to the other pandavas (yudhiShThira, and others). Naarada came to the forest and told Arjuna not to misuse his powers.  Those weapons were very powerful and should not be summoned unnecessarily.

     Bhima was attacked by a python named Nahusha who was cursed. Bhima couldn't fight the python and knew that he was no regular python so he asked the python to reveal himself. Nahusha reviled himself and told Bhima that he had gotten cursed because he was arrogant and touched a sage named Agastaya with feet while sitting on a palanqun. The curse was to be broken when he understood what dhama is.  Yudhishtira answered all those questions easily and Nahusha was released from his cursed python body.

           One day Duryodhana wanted to show off his power and wealth to the paaNDava-s.  So he went to the forest which was owned by the Gandharva-s. There lived Chitrasena  who was the dance teacher. Duryodhana was arrogant he wanted to enter the forest even after the Gandharva-s refused entry to him.  So Chitrasena captured Duryodhana. When the pandavas heard this news, they all felt happy except for Yuddhistra.  He said they had to go save him.  Arjuna and bhIma went and saved Duryodhana . Chitrasena told Duryodhana his mistakes and how he treated the pandavas and yet they came to save him. Duryodhana feels so embarssed that he wanted to die. But his friends pacified him and he feels better and started to prepare for war since it was the last year. Duryodhana treated everyone so badly such as the sages and got way too many curses.

      One day a Sage named Duurvaasa came to Duryodhana's palace. Duryodhana treated the sage very good since that sage gets angry very quickly/easily. Drona decided to tell the sage to go to the pandavas for lunch since he wanted the pandavas to get cursed since living in the forest there wasn't a lot of supplies for a lot of people. So sage Duurvaasa and his many disciples went to the forest for lunch with the pandavas. The pandavas didn't know that they were coming and also draupadi had already eaten. The sage and his disciples told the pandavas that they take a bath in the river and then come for lunch. The pandavas knew that they were in trouble. So draupadi prayed to Krishna for help. Krishna appeared in front of Draupadi. Krishna asked Draupadi, even through he knew her problem, for something to eat.  Draupadi knew he was joking with her and asked him to help her. Krishna told Draupadi to bring the pot (akshaya paatram). Drapaditi gave the pot to Krishna and Krishna reached into the pot were a single grain of rice was stuck to the bottom of the pot and Krishna ate the grain of  rice and rubbed his tummy indicating that he was full. Suddenly all the people in the river felt too full to eat anything and they knew Yudhishtira would get very angry since they told Yudhishtira to be ready with the food and its not good to say I'm not hungry once you tell someone to make something for them. So the sage and his disciples ran away.
    After this, we did ending prayers and went home.

Written by Komal Nagpure

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  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Today in class, we stopped at when The Akshas made all the Pandavas alive. It has been twelve years in the forest. Now, they have to go to Kognito, with Viraata. Arjuna was practicing archery. Yuddhistra went as KANAKA, the gambler, Bhima was called VALLALA, the chef, Arjuna was called BRIHANNALA, the dance teacher, Nakula became DHAMAGRANTI, and Sahadeva was called TANTRIPALA.. He took care of horses. Draupadi (wife of Yuddhistra) was SAIRANDHI. She was queen Sudekshna's helper. Sudekshna is also Viraata's wife. Bhima killed Bhakasura. Keechaka is a vey strong guy, and also known as a wrestler. He was protecting the king. Draupadi tells Keechaka to come to the dance hall. People captured the cows. Viraata had a son who's name is Uttara. He is also known as the prince Brahanala tells Uttara that he cannot run away from war The weapons were covered by leaves and branches. Uttara was surprised of the weapon of the Pandavas. Uttara goes to war, to fight for Arjuna. Viraata makes Yuddhishtra's nose bleed by throwing dice at him. Duryodhana found Arjuna in the war. Uttarai is married to Arjuna's son, Abhimanyu. Arjuna was explaining to Subhadra about how he entertains the CHAKRAVYA.

    Sriman Vaidyanathan