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Grade 6 teachers.

Dec 2nd - Review of Rajasuya Yagna and Jarasandha

The 6th grade Vrindavan class had been focusing on the Mahabharatha this year. On 12/2/12,  the day started with the two classes being merged together. All 30 kids socialized and then, we all recalled what we learnt last class. It started with the choir group singing chants and prayers with us repeating and humming. 
The Mythology lesson started by our Substitute teacher reading the story when Yudishtra (a Pandava) tried to perform the Raja-Suya Yagna. Yudishtra was afraid of this because all the kings must accept him as an emperor. This was a difficult and feared task throughout all history. But, Bheema (another Pandava) reassured him all the kings would accept him well, since they were the mighty Pandavas! Yudishtra was still tranquil and was not hasty to make a quick decicion. He then asked the cow-herd boy, Krishna, who had always given them good knowledge (Krishna is actually Lord Krishna – Bhagawan himself). He agreed with Bheema's idea but he warned them "I have encountered the son-in-law of Kamsa, Jarasanda, he is a cannibal who eats exactly 100 kings and he has already captured 86." Even, Krishna was afraid of Jarasanda. Krishna also informed them of the story of how he was born...
A king had two wives but alas, they had no children. The king went deep into a forest where he met a sage(saint). The sage had told him to eat the mango he was holding and he would have one very healthy child. The king split the mango in half vertically and gave each half to the wife. In due course, each wife had half of a baby. The wives were scared, they then set it in the Ganges river and let it flow. A cannibal name Jara put it together to eat in on bite, but it stuck together and, it was a cute baby so, she sent it back to the king. This is why he was named Jararsanda. Yudishtra, then told Arjuna, Bheema, Krishna to retrieve the captured rulers. So, the three of them went disguised as Brahmins, because kshtriyas must bow down to the higher caste. Jarasanda was a king so he had to treat them as honorable people. Afterwards, Jarasanda thought Bheem's size was too massive and when his guard served Arjuna food, he told Jarasanda, he had an "Archers Callis." Jarasanda then quickly comprehended the idea they were kshtriyas in disguise as brahmins to do an evil act. All of them revealed who they were and then, it was decided Bheema was going to fight Jarasanda. The duration of the duel was 13 days. Bheema and Jarasanda were equal in their might and could not be defeated. Krishna, then manipulated the idea to Bheema, tear each half of him and throw it on a different side. He represented this by using a twig. Jarasanda was defeated hence, making Yudishtra capable of performing Rajasuya yagna. 
Yudishtra nominated Krishna as his "guest of honor." Many kings were furious that an inferior Vaisya was the "second to none" ranked guest. Especially, Shisupala then threw a "hangama" that he was the highest class kshtriya. He had then insulted Krishna so many times, Krishna killed him with his chakra. There, is a story behind this... Shisupala and Krishna were cousins. Shisupala was born with two times more limbs than normal. A great sage told the parents that the one who touches him will cure him but, will also be his killer. Krishna was then recognized as the killer. Krishna stated "Since you are my relative I will give you 100 chances, if you ever break all 100 I will kill you on the spot." This is why Krishna had to kill Shisupala. Our class had 20 minutes to do a little review sheet with "fill in the blanks”.Then, we did Aarthi along with our Chinmaya Balavihar Pledge.

-          T.R

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