Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.

The Journey of grade 6, boarding the game of dice, led by Sakuni in Mahabharata

Section 1         

Hari Om,                                                    December 9, 2012

We started our class with the usual opening prayers and bhajans. After that, our class learnt to chant verses 7-11 in Geeta.   We are almost halfway through our goal of 25 verses!

Then, it was time for our favorite time in class............. STORY TIME!!   We did our routine recap of last week's story (see previous post); then the new tale was spun.  In brief, we discussed the story of how the Kauravas plotted against the Pandavas so that the Pandavas would lose all of their treasure in the treasury by gambling.  What the Pandavas didn't know was that Sakuni, the uncle of the Kauravas, had magic dice that would always turn in his favor, he could never lose in gambling. The game went on and Yudishtra lost all of his possesions, including his kingship, his brothers, and himself.  He was about to accept defeat, but the Kauravas taunted him to bet Draupadi. As usual, Yudhishthira lost and Vidura was sent to fetch Draupdi. She refused to come.  Then, a palace servant tried his best. Still no Draupadi.  At last, Dusssasana was sent to fetch her. He dragged her by her hair all the way to the court room. She gave a big speech on how this was against the laws and she began to question if Yudishtra had rights over her if he was no longer a king.  But soon the Kauravas were fed up with her lectures and Dussasana was ordered to disrobe her completely.  In great devotion, she prayed to lord Krishna, who granted her an endless sari.  Soon.  Dhritharashtra, ordered his sons to return all of the lost gambling prizes.  But Dhritharashtra, as per the Kauravas plan, re-invited the Pandavas to a new game.  Once again, Sakuni played with 'marked cards' as we could call them, and the Pandavas were banished for 13 years of exile, per the bet.  The last 13th year to be spent incognito, means no one should know their true identity.  If they were recognized in the thirteenth year, they would have to go back to the forest again for another 12 years.  This is where we stopped.

Section 1 and Section 2: 

After that, we invited Section 2, and watched a video of the dice game on YouTube together.  It was just great to see this on the screen.  Watching these characters come alive made us travel back in time.   On the screen we were able to see the costumes and the life style of the kings, queens, and other royal characters of those days.  In addition, the greatest of all, is to listen to their dialogues watch their emotions which brings the history back.  Wow, what a great epic!

We had a short meeting about the Annadanam (soup kitchen).  Our class will be contributing to this seva (service) on Saturday December 15, 2012

We had a great class and we can't wait for next week! 


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