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Grade 6 teachers.

Journey of Grade 6 along with Pandavas into the forest and Arjuna's fight with Lord Shiva

 Section 1                                                    December 16, 2012

 Hari Om,

We started the class Chanting OM three times, and then the Shanti mantra to clear our minds and to fill with peace.

We sang the following daily prayers to help us with our lives:

Kaaragre vasate Lakshmi- Early in the morning after we get up from bed to start our day.

Saraswati Namastubyam- Before our studies to invoke Saraswatiji.

Brahmarpanam- Before we begin eating.

Shubham Karoti-before we turn on the evening lights, inviting Lakshmi in the form of health, happiness, good thoughts, and spirituality.

Karacharana Kritamva- Before we go to bed we pray to the lord to forgive us for all the bad actions, we did during the day. 

We moved on to sing Ganesh bhajan followed by Gurusthotram, Dasavatara Strotram. Then we learned to chant 11,12 verses of chapter 13 of Bhagavad Geeta, after a short break of attendance and an announcement. 

Our teachers reviewed the last class lesson by asking us questions. 

Today we studied the Pandavas journey into the forest. There were many Brahmins and citizens who wanted to follow them and didn't want them to leave Hastinapura.  Although Yudhishthira was deeply moved, he had to request them not to go, for he would not be able to take care of them.  Yudhishthira thought about how much food and shelter he would have to provide to all of them, they still would not listen to him.   

The Sun god had appeared and offered Yudhishthira a vessel called Akshaypatra.  He informed him that the vessel would be full of food every morning to feed as many people as required until Draupadi had her share.  As soon as Draupadi cooked a little food it would multiply into however many portions as needed.  The Pandavas moved to the Kamyaka forest.

After the Pandavas left, Vidura told Duryodhana that he thought that for the good of everyone,  his brother should get the Pandavas back.  That suggestion angered Dritharashtra.  He made Vidura to leave the palace immediately.  Later Dhritarashtra repented for his actions, and sent a messenger to bring him back.  When Duryodhana heard of Vidura's visit to the forest and the quick return. he became uncomfortable.  Karna, Dussasana and Shakuni worked out a plan to go to the forest and kill the Pandavas.  Vyasa came to the palace just in time and warned Dhritharashtra to keep a close watch over his sons to avoid their death.  Then sage Maitreya came and told Duryodhana that banishing the Pandavas was not a good idea, but Duryodhana did not listen.  As he disregarded the advice, sage Maitreya got angry and cursed Duryodhana and said Bheema would kill him by smashing his thighs to death, if he did not make peace with them. 

Krishna's Pledge:

Hearing of the Pandavas exile,  visitors many visitors like Draupadi's relatives and Krishna himself visited them.  Krishna was angry at the Pandavas trouble that heaven suggested that the Kauravas be destroyed immediately. However, Arjuna calmed him down.  Drishtadhyumna promised that he would kill Drona and Shikandi will end Bhisma.

 Arjuna's fight with Lord Shiva:

Upon the advice of the great sage Vyasa, Yudhishthira, learnt the powerful mantra 'Pratismriti' from him, and in turn taught to Arjuna to win the favor of the gods. Upon hid eldest brother's advice Arjuna went to acquire weapons from Indra, Rudra, Varuna, Kubera and Yama.  After he met Indra, and upon his advice Arjuna engaged himself in severe austerities, simply living on air.  Lord Shiva then assumed the form of Kirata (hunter), holding a bow came down with Parvati, clad in the dress of a huntress. At that time Arjuna sent a sharp arrow from his Gandiva, and Shiva too sent an arrow from his bow Pinaka, and shot a wild boar. Then a dispute rose on whose arrow killed the boar. They got into a fight wherein Arjuna lost his bow, and Shiva held him in his grip. As Arjuna meditated on Lord Shiva to get his help, he realized that the hunter was none other than Shiva himself.  When Arjuna prostrated to the hunter and his wife, Shiva and Parvati blessed him with the the Pasupata Astra(weapon)........which emits thousands of arrows, spears and maces like poisonous snakes at the same time, and blessed him that he would soon acquire many more.

Then Arjuna went to Indra's palace and his father's greatness struck Arjuna.  Indra taught him the art of using several weapons like Indra's thunderbolt.  Arjuna also learnt music and dance from Chitrasena.  One day Urvashi, one of the Apsaras of Indraloka, fell in love with Arjuna and begged him to spend some time with her.  But Arjuna regarded her as his mother and refused her request.  Urvashi got mad at him and cursed him to lead the life of a dancer among women. When Indra was informed of it, he consoled Arjuna, and said, "blessed is the mother of such a disciplined son. You have surpassed even the Rishis in self control.  Do not worry Urvashi's curse will be helpful to you in the thirteenth year of exile".

We stopped there and did meditation to silent our minds, and dedicated that peace to the Victims of Newtown, Connecticut.  After that, we sang the ending prayers, and did aarti and pledge.

Hari Om,
Midushi and Nandita.

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