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Grade 6 teachers.

Udyoga Parva

We started the class with morning prayers.

We finished the Virata Parva (4th Parva) and we started learning the
Udyoga Parva (5th Parva). Some of the important characters in the
Virata Parva were Kanaka, Vallala, Brinannala, Damagranthi, Tantripala
and Sairandhri.
Duryodhana refuses to cede to the Pandavas their rightful kingdom of Indraprastha. He even refused to part with 5 villages that Yudhishtra asks for. Duryodhana was adamant that he will vanquish the Pandavas. So this paves the way for war between the Pandavas and Kauravas.

The Udyoga Parva deals with negotiations and taking sides for the war. In one incident, Krishna is sleeping and Arjuna is sitting at his feet and Duryodhana is sitting at his head. When Krishna first wakes up, he sees Arjuna and he gives him first choice to pick what he wants for the war. The two choices were Krishna or his army. Arjuna chooses Krishna and Duryodhana chooses Krishna's army.

We started talking about the 6th grade play on March 10th. There were
4 choices of scenes from Mahabharatha discussed. Some of the parents were in attendance.

 For the play we chose our first and second choices for what we wanted
to do. The choices were Acting, Narrating, Dancing and Stage Crew/

We ended this week's session with Arathi and Pledge.

Hari Om

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