Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

Check the thumbnail on the left for the video and stills from the play.

Grade 6 teachers.

Section 1 and 2: 6th grade Play - Reflections: Part 1

Our 6th Grade Play took Place on March 10th, Shivaratri. We presented scenes from the Epic 'Mahabharata',  that the 6th graders are learning this year. It was a big success and all the teachers , students and parents had lot of pleasant information/thoughts and memories to share...This blog and the following one will depict student thoughts and reflections......Please read on:

We begin with:

 "I think that the amount of practice we had really paid off, this has been one of our best plays."
It wouldn't have been possible without the help of our teachers.
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