Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.

Section 1 and 2: 6th Grade Play: Reflections Part 2

Some more Student Reflections contd......

As most of you know, the 6th grade Mahabharata play took place on March 10th,, 2013. The auditorium was jam packed with people. We were delighted to observe that every one enjoyed the play. In our opinion, it was a HIT! Congrats, to the actors, narrators, and teachers of course! This year our awesome balavihar teachers sacrificed so much to help us plan, rehearse, and execute our play. Without them, we would have never pulled off our superlative production. So,  my fellow classmates & I applaud them and express our gratitude through this blog. 
In our last class, we all discussed our opinions and comments about how we presented the play. Without a doubt, the play was fantastic, but below are the things that WE, the KIDS, liked the most: 
(The number of student votes in brackets)
*    The costumes were superb! (4)
*    Everyone spoke clearly, loudly, and confidently! (2)
*    Loved the decorations and props like: the jewelry  and the Batman mask
*    The backgrounds rocked!
*    Loved the story selection!
*    The parts when we messed up and improvised were totally cool! (4)
*    I loved the dance coordination! It was super duper!
*    I thought Arjuna was the coolest!
*    Loved the childish feel!
*    Loved the coordination and cooperation. The way it flowed was super-cool!
As you can tell, we loved every second of the play! Even though we may have had some technical difficulties, and a slippery kamandalam, we pulled it off pretty well. 
So, well, CUT!! until next time you see us in ACTION!


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