Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.

Oct 13th Class

Beginning prayers
Gitaa chanting
  • bhagavadgItaa 14th adhyaaya 1 - 8 shlokas
    Story time
    • Heroine of mahaabhaarata
    • raajasUya yagna
    Ending prayers and pledge
    • sarve bhavantu sukhinaH, pUrNamadaH pUrNamidam
    • aarati and pledge 
    Rashmi aunty and Sitaram uncle's class:

    Happy dashara!!!
    Today in balvihar we  did many things.
    First we did geeta chanting shlokas 8.  Next we went on to the story. We pick up where Bakasura is dead.  Now Drupada's daughter Draupadi is going to get married and she is having a swayamwara (this is and event when the princess chooses who she wants to marry. In this case through a series of challenges) The challenge was to shoot a fast rotating  fish through holes.
    Karna was going to shoot and  Draupadi  knew he'd be able to do it. She didn't want to marry him and she said that she didn't marry a shUdra.  Then Arjuna  shot the arrow and married her. Krishna saw all of this and immediately recognized them. Remember they were in hiding!
    Then the five boys went to their mother, Kunti that they won a gift.  Without seeing, she told them to share it equally!  Since they had to follow their mothers words even though it was a mistake which resulted in Draupadi marrying five men!!!
    As a result of the wedding people knew that the paaNdava-s weren't dead from the fire. Everybody  was happy except for Dhuryodhana and Karna.  Dhritaraashtra gave them half the kingdom.  But it was a waste land called khaaNDavaprastha.
    Then the paandavas created a huge and rich kingdom.
    At a festival Arjuna saw a beautiful lady named Subhadra. Krishna helps him "kidnap" her. Balarama is upset and wants to have war. Thankfully Krishna convinces him not to. So they get married and have a powerful child  named abhimanyu.
    The pandavas were then built  a beautiful palace by Maya because he was protected by Arjuna and Krishna.
    While living here sage naarada visited them. He asked them to perform a yagna called rajasuuya yagna. Narada explains another king did the yagna and got a permanent place in Indira's palace.
    Krishna says that before they have the  yagna they have to destroy a man named jaraasandha. You see, if you do the yagna, you need to have 100 kings in your side. He had captured 86 and put them in jail so if he was defeated they would need only 14 more.
    Jaraasandha was born in two parts and put together by a demoness named jaraa.  Jaraasandha was invited to a fight and decided to fight Bhima since they were equals in wrestling. bhima kept splitting his opponent in two.  But he kept coming back together then Krishna gave him the hint to throw the 2 pieces of the body in different directions.  Hence jaraasandha was killed.
    Now there were 86 kings on their side. Soon they got 100 kings on their side and they completed the yagna.  We stopped at this and will continue to see the yagna in the next class.

    Written by Avani Shukla

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