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Grade 6 teachers.

Oct 6th Class

Beginning prayers
Gitaa chanting
  • bhagavadgItaa 14th adhyaaya 1 - 6 shlokas
Story time
  • droNa enters (contd.)
  • karNa
Ending prayers and pledge
  • sarve bhavantu sukhinaH, pUrNamadaH pUrNamidam
  • aarati and pledge 
Rashmi aunty and Sitaram uncle's class:
In the beginning of class we reviewed our daily prayers and learned the 6th paragraph of the gita.

The Pandavas and the Kauravas were both learning from Kripaachaarya who was the family guru. When they started getting really good at it, Bhishma started looking for another teacher so they could learn more. One day the Pandavas and the Kauravas were playing with the ball. The ball fell into a well and they tried to get it out, but they couldn't. Drona the son of Sage Bharadwaja, went over to help them. He took a blade of grass and shot it precisely and so fast that it clung to the ball as an arrow. He then shot another at the tip of the first blade of grass. He continued this until he made a long chain and brought out the ball. He did the same with his ring that he also threw into the well. The children were impressed and told this to Bhisma. Bhisma asked Drona to be the children's teacher and Drona agreed as long as they gave gurudakshina of his choice.

One day, Drona placed a toy parrot on a tree and asked each prince to take his bow and shoot at the bird's eye. But before he gave the command to shoot he asked princes what they saw. Each prince said they saw the bird the tree and the sky. Drona was not satisfied and did not let them shoot. Then he asked Arjuna. He said that he can see only the eye of the bird. Drona gave the command to shoot and the next moment the bird was on the ground. Drona was amazed and gave Arjuna a promise saying that he will make him the best archer in the world.

One day, the Kauravas and the Pandavas went on a hunting trip with servants and a dog. The dog strayed off and then after awhile came back with it mouth closed with arrows. The arrows were so neatly shot that it didn't even hurt the dog. They searched for the unknown archer and on meeting him asked who his teacher was. He said he was Ekalavya and he was a student of Drona. Arjuna was puzzled. He went to Drona and complained that Drona had promised that Arjuna would be the best archer in the world. Drona did not understand so Arjuna took him to Ekalavya. There they learned that Ekalavya got knowledge from Drona's idol. Ekalavya had to give gurudakshina. So, Drona asked for his right thumb. And Ekalavya gladly did that.

Drona had a childhood friend named Drupada. They each made a promise that whatever was each other had was both of theirs. But when Drona was in need Drupada turned him away. He wanted to get revenge. He sent Arjuna and Arjuna got Drupada to Drona. Because Drona won this war, the kingdom was his. But, he gave back half the kingdom back to Drupada because of the childhood promise he made.

Now, Karna was growing up far away, but wanted to learn from Parashurama who was Drona's teacher. Parashurama only taught brahmins. Karna told a lie and said that he was a brahmin. He then learned all his studies. One day, after a long walk in the woods Parashurama was tired and slept on Karna's lap then a  certain type of bee started to eat his thigh. He stayed put. But when Prashurama saw this he knew that Karna was not a Brahmin. Parashurama cursed Karna saying that he will forget his knowledge the time he needs it most in his life.

By that time the Pandavas and the Kauravas had finished their studies and were performing in an arena. Arjuna did very well. But, Karna challenged him at the end. he could do all the tricks Arjuna did plus a few more. Since he wasn't a king, he couldn't challenge Arjuna. so Duryodhana made him king of Anga. Duryodhana and Karna become the best of friends. Karna wanted nothing but to have a one on one battle with Arjuna. Kunti recognized him as her son and fainted.

Duryodhana started acting nice but had plans to kill the Pandavas. He explained that there was a festival at Varnavrata and there is a palace waiting for them already there. Vidura, the minister found out that Duryodhana had plans to put the palace on fire since it was made entirely of lac. He informed the Pandavas and the night before they dug a tunnel out of the palace. The next day Bhima put fire to the palace himself and all of them ventured out safely through the tunnel and let Duryodanah enjoy his happiness for some time.

The Pandavas had been traveling for a long time and found a village called Ekachakra and were staying in a Brahmana's house. They all begged for food. One day, they heard a cry in the land lord's house and foud out that there was a demon named Bakasura and that the villagers had made an arrangement with Bakasura that he would receive a wagon load of food and would be allowed to eat the driver himself. Now it was their turn. Kunti said that one of her sons would go and kill this demon. She sent Bhima with the wagon of food. After arriving, while waiting for the demon, Bhima ate all the food in the wagon. The demon was so angry. But the battle against the demon was nothing for Bhima. He had the strength of 8000 elephants. He then brought the body of the demon to the village for all to see.

We will find out more in the next class.

Written by Renuka Ravinder

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