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Grade 6 teachers.

Dec 8th Class

Beginning prayers
Gitaa chanting
  • bhagavadgItaa 14th adhyaaya 1 - 14 shlokas
Story time
  • viraaTa parva
  • Death of keechaka
  • Cows stolen
  • uttara kumaara
Ending prayers and pledge
  • sarve bhavantu sukhinaH, pUrNamadaH pUrNamidam
  • aarati and pledge - in the auditorium
Rashmi aunty and Sitaram uncle's class:

Today in class, we reviewed that the yaksha made all the Paandavas alive. It has been twelve years in the forest. Now, they have to live incognito.  They decided to go to Viraata's palace. Yuddhistra went as kanaka, the gambler; Bhima was called vallala, the chef; Arjuna was called brihannala, the dance teacher; Nakula became damagranti, the cowherd; Sahadeva was called tantripala, the horse stable keeper; Draupadi (wife of Yuddhistra) was sairandri. She was queen Sudekshna's helper. Sudekshna is Viraata's wife.

Keechaka was the commander in chief of king viraata's army. He was a very strong wrestler. He falls in love with draupadi and starts bothering her. According to bhima's plan, Draupadi tells Keechaka to come to the dance hall. There, bhima came secretly and killed keechaka.  Now that there was no commander in chief, all kings wanted to attack viraata.  Susharma, with the help of duryodhana, attacked the viraata kingdom.  They captured the cows. Viraata had a son who's name is Uttara. He took Brihannala as his charioteer to stop the kauravas.  But after seeing their army, he wants to run away!  Brihannala tells Uttara that he cannot run away from war. Brihannala told uttara to bring down some weapons that were covered by leaves and branches on a shami tree and he would help him in the war. Uttara was surprised to see the weapon of the Pandavas. Then brihannala told Uttara that he was arjuna! Their year of incognito had ended the previous day.  So he was allowed to reveal his identity.  They fight and win the war over the kauravas and susharma.
Duryodhana identified Arjuna in the war. But their 13th year was over the previous day, so it did not count.
Uttare, viraata's daughter, is married to Abhimanyu, son of arjuna and subhadraa.  Abhimanyu was a great warrior.  He had learnt how to enter a chakravyuha, even when he was in his mother's womb!  Arjuna was explaining it to subhadraa and he had learnt it very well, just by listening.  But he did not learn how to come out, as his mother fell asleep and arjuna did not tell about it.

Written by Sriman Vaidyanathan 

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