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Grade 6 teachers.

Dec 8: Krishna to the rescue

Section: 1

Hari Om!

Beginning prayers
  • Breathing exercise, 3 times ॐ (OM) chanting,  Sahanaavavatu,  Meditation
  • Daily Prayers - Karagre Vasathe,  Saraswathi Namastubhyam,  Brahmarpanam,  Shubham Karoti,  Karacharana Kritam
  • Guru Stotram (Page 9 of My Prayers Book)  
  • Ganesha Sharanam
  • Dashavatara Stotram(Page 117 of My Prayers Book - Shlokas 1-8)   
Gitaa chanting
  • Bhagavad Gita 14th Chapter 1 - 15  shlokas
Story time
  • Bhima meets Hanuman
  • Review of previous week's class
Ending prayers and pledge
  •  Aarati and pledge 
  • Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Purnamadah Purnamidam
Synopsis of the story:

Today Anjana Auntie came to help in class. After our initial prayers, she gave an overview of the 14th Chapter. We reviewed the Gita Shlokas we have learnt so far - each table recited one Shloka in turn. She then taught the 14th and 15th Shloka and explained the meaning. 

Mahabharata :

Sage Durvasa came to Duryodhana's palace and since Duryodhana is scared of him, they treated Sage Durvasa very well. Because of this Sage Durvasa asked Duryodhana to ask for a boon. Duryodhana asked that the Sage Durvasa go to the area where the Pandavas are staying and after Draupadi has cleaned the akshaya patra, and that he would say that he is hungry and ask for food. Sage Durvasa did this and Draupadi was scared that the sage would curse them. She prayed to Lord Krishna to help her. But when he came he also told Draupadi that he was hungry!!Draupadi was angry at krishna. But calm Krishna asked for the akshaya patra and he saw a morsel of rice still there. Krishna ate that morsel. Immediately Sage Durvasa and his disciples who had gone to the river for a bath felt really full and to not insult Draupadi, ran away saying they will come some other time.

There was a king named Jayadhrita. He saw Draupadi and instantly wanted to marry her. Draupadi tried to explain that she was already married and said no. Jayadhrita got angry and  took her forcefully to his kingdom. Then the Pandavas got to know about this and rescued Draupadi. They also shaved Jayadhrita's head and left only five tufts of hair as an insult. As a result of this, Jayadhrita prayed to Lord Shiva that he would kill the Pandavas in battle. 

Aakash M.

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