Happy summer break to all!! See you in September at the ashram premises, for a new balavihar year!

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Grade 6 teachers.


-My Perspective on our 6th Grade Year

Hari Om,

It’s hard to believe that our 6th grade Balavihar year went by so fast!   We learned so much from our class. and made memories to treasure from our lessons, skits, writing blogs, annadanam, movie night and picnic.  

This year we have taken a journey into Mahabharatha and learned life lessons from characters such as Karna and Yudhishtira.  We enjoyed the heroic and humorous moments of the stories, and the journey was lots of fun!  I remember naming Sage Lamosa “The Samosa” as a way to remember him!   We also learned many slokas, bhajans,Geetha verses, discussions that promise to enhance our daily lives and prepare us for the years of balavihar to come.  Outside of our usual class lessons every Sunday,  we also took Karna’s lessons of helping others and participated in an Annadanam in Edison.   We participated in the balavihar CORD walkathon event to help the less  fortunate people in India.  Along with that we also enacted a skit where we played roles as Mahabharata’s characters, wearing beautiful costumes and allowing the characters to really take life.  It was an excellent learning experience and it also helped me understand Mahabharatha in a way that I will not forget it.   

The most memorable moment  in Balavihar this year was our awesome class picnic.  Everyone was just having plain “FUN!”  The only thing some students complained about was the ten minute walk from the school to the park but, it was worth it because we had the opportunity to have fun playing outside not only with our Balavihar friends but also with teachers.   The boys played basketball and other sports while the girls did a variety of activities such as climbing trees with Vyjayanthi Aunty and Asha Aunty, going down the slides, and Ram uncle swinging on the swings with us for a short time.  Following that a lot of our Balavihar classmates were ready to dig into the cupcakes, munchkins, and others snacks brought by our wonderful class parents.  

We couldn’t stop having fun together that because of how joyous our Balavihar teachers made it for us as 6th graders.  From Shlokas to Stories to Skits to activities every Sunday at Balavihar was a new and fun one this past year, 2012-2013.   So I thank my teachers for making this a great year at Balavihar and I can’t wait to see what the next year has to hold.

Have a great summer everybody!

Shivani Iyer 

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