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Grade 6 teachers.

Journey of Grade 6........Mahabharata....... reaches it's destination

Last days of War, Krishna Avataram Ends, Pandavas go to Heaven

Section 1 and 2:

After a gap we're back with our final blog of the year! On May 19th we concluded the Epic Mahabharata.  Our teachers hope that the we would continue to read the stories now and then....

Last days of War

The Mahabharata war lasted for 18 days. On the 16th day, after the death of Drona, Karna became the commander of the Kaurava army. The battle between the 2 greatest archers Karna and Arjuna took place. Prodded by Krishna who kept reminding Arjuna about the injustices by Karna and the Kauravas, Arjuna shot an arrow that killed Karna. Karna was a great hero of Mahabharata but he was a victim of circumstances.
After 18 days of war the Kaurava Army is defeated with the death of Duryodhana. Yudhistra becomes king of Hastinapur. He visits Bhishma who is lying on the bed of arrows waiting for the right time to give up his body. He gives Yudhishtra a lot of advice on values and duties of a King.
Dhritrashta, Gandhari and Kunti retire to the forest.

End of Krishnaavatharam

When Lord Krishna returns to Dwaraka after the war, he was sad to know that the Yadava Clan had taken to bad ways and was declining in morals, values etc. This was due to a curse. One day  he sat under a tree and went into meditation. A Hunter mistook his foot for an animal and shoots an arrow. Severly injured Bhagwan gives up his body. Thus ended the Krishna Avatar.

Pandavas go to Heaven

Pandavas ruled Hastinapura for 36 years. They then crowned Parikshit as the king and left on a pilgrimage with Draupadi. A Dog followed them. When they reached the Himalayas, one by one fell dead due to exhaustion. The dog who was none other than Dharmaraja himself lead Yudhishtra to heaven.

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